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Back in 2014, WERE was created as an opportunity to meet the needs of the women small business owners in my local community by creating events.

After growing a consistant following, the project became more than just the events. The best way to impact others is truly by making it a community effort.

According to The State of Women-Owned Business Report, there is an estimated 11.3 million women small business owners. The report goes on to say that they employ over 9 million people and have revenues of an estimated $1.6 trillion.  In 9 years the rate of growth with these firms was 5 times the national average.

In February of 2016, WERE became Women Entrepreneur Resource & Educational Community. Within 8 days of filing the paperwork, we received our 501(c)(3) status. It was a fast turnaround and I believe it was a sign of a much needed resource.

In order to keep the failure rate low, business resources, mentoring and education is a pivotal role in the success and longevity of an organization.

What we do

Our mission is simple: to provide educational resources and training for women entrepreneurs.

WERE Community strives at being a resource to help with the growth and aid of women entrepreneurs.

While we are in the start up phase, our Executive Board appreciates the support of the volunteers, speakers, vendors and businesses all reaching out to lend a helping hand.

Our immediate goal: To move into an office space to hold workshops. The big goal:  To build or lease out a woman entrepreneur resource center up north.

We are excited about the strategic partnerships, mentors, sponsors, supporters, and corporations willing to connect and help WERE Community carry out our mission.

With your help, we can fulfill the goals of WERE Community nonprofit org.

Thank you for your time and willingness to learn more about our organization.

Stephanie Franco

Founder & Executive Board President


Our Crazy Skills


Our Past Events

  • July 2014:  Women Entrepreneur Resource Event
  • April 2015: Women’s Opportunity & Resource Fair
  • October 2015:  Mom Entrepreneur Symposium
  • December 2015: Woman Entrepreneur Holiday Gala
  • March 2016: Coaching & Collaborative Session
  • April 2016: Offical 501 (c)(3) Launch Event
  • April 2016: Women’s Charity Event
  • May: Personal & Business Branding Presentation
  • June 2016: Goal Setting & Social Media Training

Why Donate

We are excited about the upcoming opportunities and partnerships we have in store for WERE Community. However, it takes a village and funding. We would appreciate your donation to help support the organization. No value is too small. Think of all the connections you made, referrals received, business training, speaker info, new leads, new business and collaborations made through this being part of WERE Community. If you are new, join us and help our organization reach our goals.

Total women impacted by WERE Community & served: over 1,000 both online and at our local events.

Donate to help us support our mission.

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